Blue Lake Pole Bean Seeds

Blue Lake Pole Bean Seeds

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Product of Italy 

Blue Lake Pole Bean: pole means 'up' - this heart healthy bean needs a trellis as it can grow as much as 6' tall. Known for its 'meaty' center, this pole bean is said to have a stronger taste than it's bushy beaned brother.


Sowing directions: Plant 2" deep and about 6"-10" apart, rows should be 4' apart. Full sun is best.


Harvest: Germinates in 5-10 days and can be harvested between 50-65 days. This plant will continue to produce new beans as long as it is regularly harvested.


Tip: Soaking for a few hours before planting in warm water will assist germination.


Water: About 2" weekly is best. Beans are a new gardener's best friend as they are relatively easy to grow. Pole beans are best for smaller gardens due to the vertical spacing and/or in climates where warmer seasons are shorter.