Chili Pepper Seeds

Chili Pepper Seeds

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Product of Italy

Chili Pepper: hot pepper grows 6 to 10in long with a conical slim shape red in colour. Pepper will start growing green then turn red.

When: Can be sown indoors, 8-12 weeks before the final frost. Chilli Peppers like heat so be sure to transplant well after the danger of frost has dissipated.


Planting Guide: Broadcast 2-3 seeds in moist soil and lightly cover with compost. Full sun. Soil should be not dry but not damp either - right in between. Harden before transplanting for about 7 days. Space about 24" apart in the ground.


Harvest: The more you pick, the more that will grow, however, these are generally at full maturity when they are a deep red colour. All chillies must be harvested before the first frost.