Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds

Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds

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Product of Italy

Detroit Dark Red Beet: is a second early variety with a large root, and has a dark red flesh. Fruit is smooth and globe  shaped.

Planting Guide: Start about one month prior to the last seasonal frost, direct sow in well-drained soil. Sow 1" deep, 1" apart in rows about 18" apart. Ideal to mix in with radishes. Full Sun.


Tip: Soak seeds for about 2 hours prior to planting. Ideal for succession planting. Not ideal for transplanting. Water regularly. Mulch recommended to maintain moisture.


Harvest: Average of 50-70 days, however the leaves can be harvested at any time. Ideal harvest time is when the roots are about the size of a golf ball. Clear the surrounding soil and gently pull the beet from the soil by the base of the leaves.