Handmade Coconut Coir Climbing Pole 24'

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Handmade in Toronto this coconut coir climbing pole uses Canadian milled hardwood, organic coconut coir twine and non toxic adhesives.

Top reasons to go with coconut coir vs traditional moss poles

-Sustainability: Unlike slow regenerating moss which is a finite resource, coconut coir is highly sustainable with much of the material coming as a waste product of coconut processing.

-Maintenance: No need to water, fuss, or refill as you would with moss. For this coir pole simply take it out of the box, plant it, and enjoy the results!

-Plant Safety: Moss poles often come with either a metal (that can rust), or plastic (that can leach into the soil) stake or cage. Even the moss itself can have PH altering effects, not something you want to put in with your plant baby. Coconut coir is naturally PH neutral so you can feel confident adding it to any of your plants.